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How do you stand out among your peers?

Competition for high-level positions, aka the best jobs in the industry, will always be a challenge if you are competing for the position.  My approach has always been to dominate the candidate field through written material, certification, passion, focus, and intensity. 

The simple matter of fact is that everybody may want the top 5% of positions but most people will never qualify.  The real candidates all have the skill set, know-how, professionalism, and work history, however, you still have to be able to stand out in a crowd amongst your peers.

Studies show that Sous Chef and Head Chef jobs are projected to grow by 11% before the year 2028 which means more jobs and more high-level positions. But that doesn't change the level of competition. In fact, there will also be an increase in the projected level of candidates.

What can you do? 

As a candidate pursuing a position or planning to keep a current position, you need to make sure that you're keeping up with the trends in the market and that you continue to grow your value.  You have to be constantly showing the value you bring to your organization.  You also need to make sure that you're presenting yourself in the way that the new candidates are while maintaining the level that you have been operating at.  You must stay fresh.  If you're not staying new and you're not keeping up with self-marketing or branding trends, then you are not tapping all the possible opportunities that exist for you.

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This is the most recent version of my portfolio that I've used for the last eight years. It has evolved each time I've used it and I have modified it to share the key fundamentals and higher level enhancements that you can take advantage of to highlight you and your skillset.  There are also some tips from other industries that will help you present yourself as the best possible candidate for any job search.