Course curriculum

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    • Replay- Writing your Application for Team USA and Making it Stand Out


What you will learn

Do you have any questions?

Are you looking for ideas on how to make your application pop?

Do you want to see mine and what made it successful?

Come and spend a couple of hours with me as go line by line on the new application and pick mine apart, I will talk about the application and teach a few lessons on lighting to make your food photos pop and deliver the best they can. I will share my application in its entirety and talk through the why behind my approach to the application. I will go over the 5 criteria that your application must meet:


And you will have examples and an open floor to ask questions at the end.

I will talk through my experience at tryouts in 2017, how I prepared, what made me successful and provide templates. Finally, because of the new format, I will share my approach to preparing for the zoom interview (I don’t know the questions) but I know how to prepare to be successful. There will be a pdf course guide and materials provided for this live course.

About Gerald Ford & Legit Concepts

Certified Master Chef, Gerald Ford has spent years learning from the best chefs, cooks, and establishments globally, having worked with Master Chefs, Michelin Starred Chefs, Bocuse d'Or Competitors, and Olympic Competitors.  Legit Concepts is now working to concentrate on those lessons learned and bring them to you.  Learning through my platform, you will save on the massive investments of time and money from learning it on your own through trial and error.  I believe that a chef will always be a craftsman before they can be considered an artist. Only through mastery of the fundaments and a fully developed understanding of the raw materials can this level of expertise be achieved. 

Through mentoring, coaching, accountability, and personal growth, I am here to evolve the kitchens' culture and practices around the world.  It is time for the toxic, shadow kitchen culture to be replaced.  Craft and education must meet.  Our responsibility is to ensure that the generations behind us learn about quality, wholesomeness, and technique.  Our commitment is to ensure that the generations behind us understand the standards, practices, and philosophies that will serve as the building blocks to a successful career. Our responsibilities as chefs are to evolve how we teach, mentor and coach to ensure our message reaches our students.  Standards like expectations need to be raised, not lowered, and that message needs to be precise and consistent. There will always be a critic of something we do.  Sometimes the truth hurts, but it is our responsibility to tell it.  Our message is our responsibility.  My commitment is to the future of our industry.